Asset tracking gives you complete control over the assets you’ve purchased. For small businesses, tracking an asset’s location and movement provides better visibility of usage and its security. For personal assets, GPS tracking allows you to safely and securely locate where your assets are at all times.

In this article, we will outline what asset tracking is, and how it works in the context of personal and business use. We will also touch on the benefits of GPS tracking to provide a broader understanding of the value of asset tracking in 2024.

What is Asset Tracking?

Asset tracking is one of the fundamental tools that help to ensure the security of your operational equipment and vehicles. Asset tracking empowers owners with the ability to track the location and movements of their high-value, portable assets such as generators, trailers, containers, mowers, and much more.  

How Does Asset Tracking Work?

An asset tracker is typically a self-powered device with long life batteries to provide tracking for several years so they can be fitted to assets where power is not available. Powered devices are also available, with these devices still containing a larger capacity battery to best suit the infrequent use or unreliable power of an asset. Data is collected on the tracking device and is transmitted to a cloud-based software system where you can access your tracking data 24/7, to see where it is now, or where it has been.

By harnessing the power of asset tracking, businesses can make informed decisions, enhance productivity, and ultimately improve your asset security.

The Benefits of GPS Asset Tracking & Why It’s Essential

Implementing an effective asset tracking system offers a myriad of benefits for businesses, revolutionising the way they manage and utilise their valuable resources. One of the primary advantages is enhanced visibility. Asset tracking provides real-time insights into the location, status, and usage patterns of assets, fostering better decision-making and preventing loss or theft. Efficiency is another key benefit, as organisations can optimize resource allocation and streamline operations by knowing where assets are at all times.

Track Your Assets with Netstar GPS

Here at Netstar, we believe that when you’re better connected, you’re better protected. We can track your vehicles and assets and turn the data into a clear and meaningful view of the people and equipment that matter most, no matter your location.

Our solutions consist of industry-leading hardware and easy-to-use software applications that will keep your investments safe, secure, and fully tracked. Whether you’re a small business or an individual with valuable assets, Netstar are here to help.