About Us

Keep your business running smoothly with Netstar

Netstar is a leading provider of fleet Telematics and GPS tracking solutions. Founded in South Africa more than two decades ago, Netstar has established itself as a worldwide industry leader in GPS tracking and fleet management.

With innovative use of technology and dedication to developing cutting-edge solutions for vehicle tracking and fleet management, Netstar has grown into an international leader in telematics solutions, serving customers in more than 15 countries worldwide.

At Netstar, we are committed to providing a range of tailored GPS tracking solutions that meet the unique needs of our business customers. Our products have been developed to ensure that our customers can operate efficiently and accurately while accessing valuable insights regarding their operations.

It’s our passion to deliver the most innovative GPS tracking technologies at the best value price point. From real-time tracking of fleet vehicles to unique analytics reports, Netstar is here to provide your business with reliable GPS tracking solutions that you can count on.

Not only do we provide powerful tools, but Netstar also offers a team of Australian based experienced professionals on hand who are dedicated to helping customers get the most out of their GPS tracking systems.

Providing you peace of mind with leading Telematics Solutions 

Netstar provides customers with peace of mind by providing options to ensure the safety of their vehicles or assets. With online tracking systems and expert support, we ensure that no matter how far your vehicle or assets travel, you’ll always have eyes on it.

If you’re in the market for an advanced GPS vehicle tracking system, Netstar has the solution. Not only do we offer real-time location insights and analytics, but we also provide support when you need it most.

Our user-friendly platform makes monitoring your vehicles a breeze. Whether you have one or many assets to track, Netstar will provide the latest technology at a reasonable price.

Netstar has comprehensive Telematics solutions include all the essential metrics such as fuel efficiency, location history, vehicle tracking, mobile workforce management, driver safety, and fuel optimisation features. 

Sustainable Practices 

At Netstar, we recognise that every link in our supply chain can significantly impact the environment. That’s why we prioritise employing responsible sourcing practices to reduce our environmental footprint—and help our clients make positive contributions. We’re passionate about a greener and more sustainable future, and we work hard every day to ensure that our standards meet the highest levels of responsibility.

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