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Accurately track your vehicle’s location, operation, and movement

Netstar’s BC114i GPS vehicle tracking device is an effective tracking solution for both businesses and individuals, making it easy to monitor and ensure the security of any vehicle remotely.

The BC114i vehicle GPS tracker utilises the 4G LTE network for faster data transfer and comprehensive network coverage all across Australia, ensuring that the location data you receive on the tracking platform is accurate and up-to-date with where your vehicle currently is.

In addition to its tracking features, the BC114i GPS tracker for vehicles also includes an ignition detection sensor that can be connected directly to your vehicle’s ignition cable. When properly connected, the BC114i GPS tracker will be able to detect when the vehicle has been turned on or off. You will be able to set alerts that can automatically notify you when the tracker detects vehicle ignition outside of your operational hours, such as in the case of theft or unauthorised use.

The vehicle’s movement is also tracked using the internal 3-axis motion sensor, which can also issue impact exception alerts, such as crash detection/crash buffer alerts, as well as driver behaviour alerts, such as speeding, harsh braking and excessive cornering. This information is critical for business owners in notifying them when vehicles have been involved in any type of accident or dangerous driving while on the road.

The BC114i GPS tracking device’s compact size makes it discreet and easy to install almost anywhere on the vehicle. Designed to withstand the harsh travel and weather conditions of the Australian road, this GPS tracker for vehicles can last long on its battery life while providing real-time location and travel data to keep your vehicles in sight, wherever they are

  • Australian-based customer support
  • Integrated hardware and software solution
  • Data is stored on Australian servers
  • Rugged design and construction, designed to withstand heat, water and dust
  • 2x inputs/outputs and ignition
  • 3 axis motion sensor for movement-based tracking and alerts and impact exception alerts
  • Crash detection/crash buffer alert
  • Fully integrated with the Netstar Fleet Tracker software
  • IP64 Rated
  • Real-time tracking


  • 12 months subscription
  • Power cable
  • 2x fuses and holder
  • Installation instructions
  • GPS Telematics sticker
  • SIM
  • Input voltage range: 10 – 30 V DC with overvoltage protection
  • Internal Back-up battery: 170 mAh Li-Ion battery 3.7 V (0.63 Wh)
  • Dimensions: 65 x 56.6 x 2.,6 mm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 55 g
  • Digital Inputs: 3

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4G LTE CAT M1 device operating on the Telstra network.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

To give you complete peace of mind, we offer our customers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Anytime during the 30 days, if you are unsatisfied with the product, you can return it for a full refund, excluding any installation and postage fees.

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Your questions answered

What types of vehicles can the BC114i GPS vehicle tracking device be installed on?
The BC114i GPS vehicle tracking device can be easily installed on most types of vehicle models.
How many vehicles can I track simultaneously using the BC114i vehicle GPS tracker?
The number of vehicles you can track at the same time is dependent on the size of your fleet. Each BC114i vehicle GPS tracker will only be able to track the vehicle they are installed on, but you can track multiple vehicles at once on our telematics platform if they all have Netstar tracking devices installed.
Can I install the GPS vehicle tracker by myself?
No, you will need a qualified auto electrician to install this tracking device into your vehicle.
Will I need to buy my own SIM card for the GPS vehicle tracker?
No, you won’t need to purchase a SIM card separately. The BC114i GPS vehicle tracker comes with a SIM included in the box upon purchase, which you can use for set up and operation.
How long will my location tracking data be stored?
Our Netstar vehicle GPS trackers will record and upload the location tracking data to our Australian servers, which you can access anytime using the Netstar platform. On our platform, you will also be able to view and download tracking history and detailed reports for the last 12 months.