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The Netstar Car Immboliser requires the user to enter a personal 4-digit code before they are able to drive the vehicle. The system is highly effective as a stand‐alone immobiliser system or as an early warning signal for the Netstar tracking and recovery system. A built-in beeper gives the driver audible feedback of commands and the keypad is backlit for easy nighttime operation. Netstar is an approved supplier under the Queensland Government’s Immobiliser Incentive for residents in Mt Isa, Cairns and Townsville. Click here to learn more and to apply for your $500 voucher.

Partnering with other Queensland Government-approved installers, Netstar Australia is fully equipped to facilitate the seamless installation of vehicle immobiliser devices for eligible participants of the trial. What sets Netstar apart is they aim to have the immobiliser device installed with no out-of-pocket expense to the customer. Ensuring the $500 subsidy covers all the hardware and installation costs. To maximise your benefit from the $500 Government subsidy, we recommend reaching out to the Netstar team at 1800 313 115. By contacting us, we can efficiently arrange your installation and seamlessly handle the subsidy processing on your behalf.

The Netstar immobiliser module is very small and ideal for effective covert installation. As additional security for very high-risk vehicles. The system will allow for multiple immobiliser units to be installed in the same vehicle. This new technology was developed in preference to normal RF (Radio Frequency) to eliminate potential interference from outside sources thus improving the reliability of the system.



  • Simple and easy to use pin pad system
  • A built-in beeper gives the driver audible feedback of commands
  • Keypad is backlit for easy nighttime operation
  • Self-arming
  • Disarms exclusively via input into input of a button sequence
  • Cannot be disarmed through the use of a fob, key or other physical device
  • Immobilisers the vehicle by interrupting the electrical system of the vehicle
  • Consists of black wiring only
  • Does not allow for the vehicle to be immobilised remotely while in motion
  • Immobiliser and instructions

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